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Packaging materials make moving possible, secure and less susceptible to tampering. Through packaging materials, any moved glassware, crockeries, picture frame, ceramic wares will be more protected against road bumps and accidental fall. Without packing materials, all moving and packaging efforts will be always in vain. Learn the current packaging materials used by moving companies in Burnaby.

Cushioning Materials

Bubble Wrap or blister packs – The name bubble wrap is a trademark of Sealed Air Corporation and was very popular as cushioning material for fragile goods such as computers andproducts made from glass, ceramic and plastic. Its a transparent plastic covered with hundreds to thousands of raised plastic with trapped air inside. Each trapped air bubble vary in sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch andthickness of 1/2 to 3/6. Bubble wraps or bubble packaging protects goods against vibration and shock caused by accidental fall, road bumps and collision. There are also anti static bubble wraps that are made from PET and pinkcolored.

Packing Peanuts or Foam peanuts Resembling a raw and unshelled peanut or cheese curls shaped foam, packing peanuts provide loose cushioning that vary in sizes – 1 to 2 inches.Its S shape prevents the protected object from settling in the bottom and interlock with others when compressed. Just like the bubble wrap, some packing peanuts are also anti static and is in pink.

Styrofoam – Usually used for packing the most fragile times such as electronic goods and glass, styrofoam is an extruded polyester and takes the shape of the items cushioned.Its lightweight properties made it an ideal anti breakage packaging.

Packing Materials

Boxes – Packing boxes vary in sizes and are customized to accommodate different item length and width. They have dimensions of rectangular, square and flat rectangular. For informativepurposes, boxes have markings outside such as fragile, the name of the goods inside and barcode.

Packaging tape – Consisting of tape roll and a dispenser gun for easy application, packaging tape is usually made from vinyl or plastic for lightweight and strong application.Its other side has adhesive for strong sealing of box line opening.

Blankets and Pads – Protects furniture from bumps, dents and scratches. Some blankets have zig zag patterns that can extra protection.

Door jam protection – A type of blanket or padding placed in door wall corners and door entrances to protect itself and the furniture from accidental dents, scratches or bumps.

Newsprint sheets – Resembling an onion skin paper, it is used as interleaver or void filler. The onion skin paper has nothing to do with onions. It was named after the spicies vegetable because it has smooth and almost translucent appearance like an onion.