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Long Distance Movers

High Miles.

Low Stress.

The most important thing with a long distance move, since each end of the move is handled by different crews, is that the same level of professional standards are met at both ends. At Purely Canadian Movers we have worked hard over the years to develop relationships with trusted affiliates across the country that share our commitment to stress free and efficient moving. For each and every move.

With long established partnerships with Great Canadian Van Lines in Canada, and North American Van Lines in the States, our moving company is uniquely suited to handle all of the details involved in your long distance move. You can trust us to get you settled in your new home exactly when you need us there, and everything exactly as when you last saw it.

You are freed up to handle pressing concerns in your new area: finding schools, dealing with utilities and just generally feeling your way around your new neighbourhood.

As with our established local moving expertise, we are geared to handle household long distance moves, as well as commercial & corporate long distance moves, employee relocation and long distance vehicle transport. All with the same reliability, efficiency, attention to detail and personal service our local customers expect. Whether it is with special boxes or crates to guarantee the safety of your cargo from the rigours of a long haul move, or just simply handling the logistics of time, distance,

weather, multiple stops and different personnel, Purely Canadian Movers delivers the goods every time out. Our (and all affiliates’) vehicles are insured and bonded over every inch of highway, moving or parked, from the beginning through to the final destination of your long distance relocation.

We have built a solid reputation for always being on time and sweating the details; never more important than when handling the sometimes complex logistics of long distance, cross border and international moves.

Call us to discuss your long distance move and answer all of the questions you have.

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    Contact Us & Tell Us About Your Move! Call On 1-877-485-6683 | 1-877-485-(MOVE)