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Across The Pond.

Smooth Sailing.

Have a stress-free international and overseas move with Purely Canadian Movers. Our moving company understands how challenging, overwhelming & stressful overseas moves can be, so we’ve made the navigation of those uncharted waters as easy for you as possible.

We have developed a reliable network of highly qualified, like-minded overseas agents and movers. In tandem with your coordinator here, they will assist and help you on every aspect of your international move, especially at the other end. Our reputation is in their hands once over there, so we have picked our partners carefully.

We have moved countless customers door-to-door to Pacific Rim countries; Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand. Over the years we have moved to almost every continent on the globe. (Still waiting for our first move to Antarctica, but we are more than ready!)

Purely Canadian Movers will provide complete logistics spanning the entire move, sealed container service with complete documentation, customs assistance, insurance, storage and final destination delivery service.


Special Packing for International Destinations.

Proper packing is essential for safe and efficient international and overseas moving. Our experienced crews are equipped and trained to pack small, large and fragile items making economical use of the limited and valuable space available in air and ocean freight. You can relax knowing your possessions are properly organized and amply protected using packing forms custom built for international and overseas moving.

Shipping Your Items to the Far Sides of the World.

Shipping details will be sent to you after packing and loading is completed. This includes the estimated time of arrival at the destination port or airport and the name of the contact person who will clear your items through customs and arrange delivery. Our commitment to the highest quality service and our connection with, and proximity to, the Port of Vancouver makes us a reliable partner for your international move.

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    Contact Us & Tell Us About Your Move! Call On 1-877-485-6683 | 1-877-485-(MOVE)