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The COVID-19 pandemic has made our day-to-day activities harder to complete, and ordinary things like moving have become more challenging. The entire world was affected by this virus, and every step now requires more thought to ensure safety and to prevent the spread of this virus. While the process of moving has changed because of the pandemic, people still have to move, so if this applies to you, you need to do some research and must take the proper steps so that you, your family and your possessions remain safe.

Hiring professional movers is best because they are taking all of the necessary steps to help clients move successfully while prioritizing safety and maintaining social distancing. They will ensure your move is smooth and stress-free, so if you want the process to be easy, contact a reputable moving company because they will help you move during this pandemic.

For peace of mind, it is recommended that you pack your boxes in advance so that they can sit for a few days before your movers arrive. Studies show that the COVID-19 virus does not survive for more than three days on surfaces, so this would prevent the virus from spreading. It’s also wise to wrap your furniture in plastic because this will provide you with a protective coat that you can remove and discard right away. You can also make arrangements with the movers so that you’re not there when they arrive to pick up your boxes. Make sure you label your boxes so that you have an easier time unpacking your belongings in your new home, as this will help you distribute the boxes to the right rooms.

Moving companies have implemented new rules and policies to keep their employees and clients safe, and all of the movers will be wearing masks and gloves when they arrive at your current home and when they unload your items at your new location. If you are concerned about the boxes once they are unloaded from the moving company’s truck, you can wait a few days before you start unpacking as this will give the virus time to die off. Both you and the movers have to follow all of the necessary precautions so that both parties remain safe and limit contact.

It’s always best to hire a professional moving company, and this remains true even during this pandemic. Experienced movers will be able to pick everything up and will deliver it for you on the day you have requested. They can deliver it before you arrive or on a day where you won’t be home, which will make your move safer.

The experts at Purely Canadian Movers have changed their policies to reflect these changes, and we prioritize safety at all times. We will complete your move successfully and safely, and our movers will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the process. We are one of the top moving companies in the BurnabyCoquitlamNew Westminster and Maple Ridge areas, so contact us today!