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Moving into another location can be exciting but at the same time stressful. Why? Because moving brings the taught of carrying those near ton weighing appliances, furnitures, sofa and things you have been around since you set your first foot sometime 6 years ago. The mere thought of moving brings stress since you have to say goodbye to the familiar canteen, the smiles of your nice neighbors and sounds and honks of commuter train and taxis. Now, it’s time to give a new neighbor hood and community a try. But if moving is stressful, there are ways of lessening its impact. Below are the ways how to lessen such stress and reduce workload.

Select the right moving company

There are over hundreds of moving companies vying for attention but they aren’t the same. Some can be pricy, a quarter will expensive, and many will be inexpensive. But somewhere among their numbers there might be a few that are only after chasing dollars and dealing with them can be a nasty experience. Select only trusted, insured and honest moving company or contractor to start your moving day a truly nice experience.

Plan and organize ahead of time

If you only start doing the inventory, listing and packing of things on the moving day, there is huge chance that you will miss some or a single item. You can leave behind a pair of shoes just lying in the rack, PC mouse in a neglected bookshelves or important books in secondary mini library. We are prone to forget details if faced with stress, hordes of info, list and worries such as feeding your hamster or your felix the cat.

Reuse, reuse and recycle

Whenever you move, some things will go as junks or get included in unwanted list. This can be beverage and cosmetics bottle, broken appliances, obsolete appliances, old newspaper, broken computer peripherals and old CRT monitors. To cut your load on moving, list recyclable items and contact a reliable appliance recycling company.

Communicate with the moving contractor

Informing contractor about the certain furniture weight and number of valuabes ensures that you get the best moving service and accurate estimates or quote. By informing, you can be sure that what is written in the contract is followed or justified. Secondly, you’ll avoid missplaced items and improve inventory.