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Moving is not an easy tasks nor as simple as physically transferring to another location. Depending on the person’s load or valuables, moving difficulty can vary on the distance between the origin and the destination, weight of each goods and measure of moving items. To ease moving and prevent mishaps from happening during and after moving, follow the following tips on safe moving:

1. Clear pathways of obstacles – Ensure that the walk through from truck ramp to the room is clear of any things and furniture or chairs that can block or narrow the path for the moving personnel.

2. Ready your first aid kit – Accidents involving minor and major injuries such as bruises, blunt force trauma due to can occur during the move. Have a complete first kit ready such as listed below: Take note that you can also purchase an all in one medical first aid:

Medical Tape
Alcohol Gel

3. Organize and Plan ahead – Nothing is better than planning and organizing. When there is a plan, there will be less likelihood of jumbled things and objects scattered around that can create potential hazards. Organize and plan by listing or categorizing all your valuables in hardcopy and softcopy. Color code each boxes that correspond to each rooms to avoid missing a single item.

4. Observe info hygiene – This means ensuring that there is nothing personal info left in storage media devices such as memory cards, usb drive, ATM receipts, credit card info, bank statements and social insurance info.

5. Dispose dangerous and potentially hazardous items – Remove and dispose dangerous items such as gasoline, matches and muriatic acid. Call a reliable appliance recycler and send hermetically sealed compressors for refrigerant recovery and recycling.

6. Bend from legs not on back when lifting – Whenever lifting boxes, start by squatting and picking up boxes and avoid bending back and potential spinal strain and injuries.