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Mostly we tackled about before or during moving, now we discuss what to do after moving. Remember, when you moved, you’ll have a new neighbor, new utility suppliers, new pathways and access to transportation. Everything has changed. Learning what to do after moving will help you adjust and get organized even after that huge moving day.

1. Organize your utilities – If you are moving in a nearby location, you’ll be likely using the same utility company for water, electricity, cable or internet. If you go far somewhere such as Alberta to Quebec, you’ll meet different utility companies. Call first the water and electricity company for updates.

2. Check unloaded boxes – Check if the numbers of your boxes are the same number in your inventory. Find out if there are missing boxes or got left in the truck or some broken fragile items. If there is, resolve the issue with the moving company in a professional way. A nice moving company will be more responsive and avoid making such missing boxes or breaking fragile variables or even denting furniture.

3. Conduct a thorough inspection – Since you got a new home, you won’t be sure if you are totally welcome in your new residence. There might be unwelcome guests indoors and outdoors. Pests might be lurking in dark area indoors such as rodents, opossums, roaches or bed bugs, there might be leaks in plumbing, damage or corroded roofing, or some wild animals like raccoons living in the attic or behind the walls. If you got one these surprises, call a pest control, plumbing or wild animal removal services.

4. Update your address info online and offline – Inform your close friends, utility company, employers, co-employees of your new address. For instance, you might be subscribed to an internet subscription and that company will still send you bills in your old address. Inform them via online or calls. Tell them that you have been happy and that you a got new home. Update them with your complete name and address. Online, you can check of your recent address change.

5. Secure proof your home – Install security devices in your new home. Invest in high quality alarm systems, CCTVs, padlocks and bolts. Buy LED lighting to illuminate your front and back areas. Trim shrubs and any overgrown vegetation.

6. Clean up – Likely, you’ll be greeted with tons of clean up activities such as floor scrubbing and bathroom cleaning. Plus, you have to unpack your boxes and organize its contents into the necessary rooms. Follow the color coding you made for the boxes. Such as blue labeled boxes goes to bedroom, green for bathroom, brown for living room and red for kitchen.

7. Know your Neighbors – Make friends with your neighbors and be part of your community. You can join home owner’s association to know meet and befriend new neighbors. They might share the same interests with you and they can be great friends.