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Valuation Coverage & Protection.

Purely Canadian Movers takes great pride in providing the best service in the industry. We strive to pack, load and transport all of our customers’ belongings to the highest of standards, and with as much care and attention to detail as possible. It is always our number one priority for each and every move.

But sometimes, no matter how hard we try, items may be damaged during a move. Purely Canadian Movers provides our customers basic liability coverage free of charge* for all of your belongings inventoried for the move, with the option to purchase declared value coverage for any special, high-valued items. Like any coverage, you get it for peace of mind, but hope you won’t need it. You simply declare a total dollar value of your belongings being moved and if there are any damages incurred during your move, Purely Canadian Movers can quickly and easily settle your damage claim.

*Our Fine Print for Basic Liability Protection for Residential Moves.

Purely Canadian Movers provides the basic valuation coverage free of charge, limited to a maximum of $0.60 per pound per article, should your goods get damaged or lost. Because everyone’s belongings are different, the amount of coverage required varies. Some may require higher coverage because their shipment weight is greater, or others may require additional coverage based on extraordinary items. Although our basic valuation coverage is provided free of charge with your move, you must confirm with your sales agent that your inventoried belongings fall within that basic level of coverage. Be sure to consider your high-value items in the determination of your best level of protection coverage. Ask your sales agent to assist you on determining your household valuation to be sure you have the right coverage for your peace of mind.

Special Coverage of Extraordinary Items.

If you have belongings which are more valuable than standard household goods (defined as items valued at $100 per pound or higher), you should declare those items specifically to ensure each has adequate coverage in case of a loss. Call us to find out if you require extra coverage and how much additional coverage you may need. We can provide you with costs at this time, with, as always, no obligation.

Example of How Extraordinary Item Coverage is Determined.

You have an LCD Television which you purchased for $1,000, weighing 150 pounds. In the (very unlikely) event your television is damaged beyond repair during the move, with basic valuation coverage you would receive a settlement of 150 X $.60 which works out to $90. If you purchase the extraordinary valuation coverage you are entitled to the full replacement value ($1,000) of the TV. Since the original value is declared, you don’t need to scramble to find original receipts, but remember that rates are determined by the value you declare, so it is important to determine the accurate replacement value of an item. Our agents can help you work out accurate declarations, so you pay for only the insurance you need!