The SMOOTH Move Checklist

The more you are able to get done before move day, the more you can actually be excited about the possibilities the big day represents. Follow this list and see how smooth a Purely Canadian Movers move is for you and your family.


❑ Make a list of everything you are moving
❑ Donate any unwanted clothing or furniture
❑ Book the elevator and arrange parking for the moving truck
❑ Contact insurance company to transfer any policies you have
(life, homeowners)
❑ Make a list of friends, businesses and
personal accounts who need to be notified of your move
❑ Get change of address kit from post-office
❑ Review any tax deductions on moving expenses

Arrange cut-off and/or activation dates
for utilities:

❑ Cable
❑ Gas/Electricity/Water
❑ Garbage
❑ Telephone


❑ Check furniture for dents, tears or scratches
❑ Clean out the refrigerator: defrost and dry
the day before the move
❑ Drain equipment: water hoses, propane tanks, gas/
oil lawnmowers, etc
❑ Label items you need to access easily
❑ Make a plan to transport house plants
❑ Make travel arrangements for pets and family
❑ Schedule to have utilities turned on at your new


❑ Purchase ALL of your moving supplies – call us and we can help determine what you’ll need and deliver it all to you.
❑ Have your rugs and draperies cleaned and leave
wrapped when returned
❑ Obtain written appraisal of antique items to verify
❑ Make an appointment with a technician
to prepare large appliances for shipment (i.e.
plumber, electrician)

Arrange to dispose of items
that aren’t allowed to be transported

❑ Aerosol Cans & Sprayers
❑ Ammunition
❑ Cleaning Chemicals
❑ Fireworks
❑ Household Liquids
❑ Oil Cans/Paint Cans/Thinner Containers (Solvents)
❑ Propane Tanks


❑ Designate boxes and items as “last load” items
❑ All loose items are packed in boxes
❑ All electronics are unplugged from a power
source. Plasma TV’s should be unplugged the day
before so they are at room temperature on move

❑ All pictures removed from the walls
❑ All boxes are labeled with their destination room
in your new home on the top and sides of each box
❑ All heavy and breakable items are removed from
dressers and desks
❑ All contents are removed from appliances
❑ All items are removed from the top of furniture
❑ All linens are removed from beds
❑ All rooms, closets, cabinets have been checked
❑ Disassemble bedroom sets to save time

Prepare an essentials box:
❑ Toilet Paper (unopened)
❑ Snacks/Instant Coffee
❑ Scissors/Pocket Knife
❑ Garbage Bags
❑ Change of Clothes
❑ Dish Soap and Towel
❑ Pet Food and Dish
❑ Flashlight
❑ Portable Tool Kit
❑ Towels
❑ All-Purpose Cleaner (unopened)
❑ Mug/Plate/Cutlery
❑ Shower Curtain
❑ Important Records/Documents

Before you leave the house:
❑ Water off
❑ A/C off
❑ Lights off
❑ Windows locked
❑ Transfer house keys
❑ Check for items left behind