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An underestimated part of moving is packing up the moving truck. Loading your truck correctly can make the moving process much smoother and easier not only during travel, but in unloading as well. Who better to give you advice when it comes to moving than experts themselves? Purely Canadian Movers is happy to share our packing secrets when it comes to packing up for the move.

General rules:

  • Glass and other breakables should be wrapped and secured tightly to avoid shifting during travel.
  • Heavy furniture should also be paid special attention to. Heavy furniture shifting may cause damage to other items in the move.
  • Prioritize safety by using truck loading ramps and taking note of potentially dangerous items. Always take the help you can get when moving heavy items to lessen the load and prevent damage.
  • Having a large moving truck is great, but make sure that if there is extra room, your stuff won’t be flying around on the road. To avoid this issue, strap down your loose items.
  • Use blankets to cover furniture and prevent damage to the furniture itself or surrounding items in the event they bump into each other.
  • Lay blankets down on the ground to save furniture and other objects from getting scratches, thanks to the truck bed.

Actual packing:

  • Layer your truck that way it is more organized when it comes time to unload everything.
  • Load the large items you will need off first, on last. This includes large furniture items like dressers and appliances.
  • A broken mirror is more than seven years of bad luck, it’s also a mess to clean up. Wrap all mirrors and glass objects in blankets. Pack your mirror in a secure position on its side. A good place for mirrors is sandwiched between the mattress and box spring. That way, the mirror can lay flat against two other flat objects.
  • Boxes should make up one layer, typically at the back of the truck. This way, they are up against a relatively flat wall and are generally less likely to topple over. Pack the heavy boxes on the bottom to create a sturdy base. Lighter and more fragile items will balance easier on top this way.
  • Furniture should be wrapped whenever possible to avoid scuffing and other damages. This includes electronics and smaller items of furniture as well.
  • Where possible, take apart larger furniture items like bed frames to save space. Pack these into a separate layer.
  • Get creative when it comes to using space. At the same time, avoid stacking breakable items on top of each other.


  • Try and make sure all your boxes are the same size.
  • Map out the items in the truck prior to moving everything in. That way, you can keep track of where everything is.
  • Label every box to make unpacking a breeze.
  • Try to keep boxes the same weight.
  • Take your time with packing, there shouldn’t be a time crunch. If there is, still prioritize your safety and belongings.

Packing a moving truck is a huge responsibility; for some, too much. If you’re looking for help moving, talk to the Purely Canadian Movers company and inquire about our service options!