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Have you moved in the past from your comfort in your home to another city or country? Moving and leaving your current place of several years is not only tiring because of heavy things to load and unload but it is also depressing. Another is, departing through the international airport and waving goodbye to your parents, siblings or relatives can easily bring tears to your eyes. Here are the reasons why moving is stressful and what you can do about it before you got homesick and return.

Reasons why moving is stressful:

  • Moving or relocating can lessen your comfort zone – For instance, you moved because of new job offer in other countries or in far province or state. In your comfort zone, you have been used to seeing the familiar places in your frequented store or neighborhood, you have been used to to same sound of buses and transportation you daily use and you have been used to walkthroughs you walk and run from and to your workplace. In comfort zone, you got less stress, less anxiety while in moving you got the opposite.
  • Moving brings you into new neighborhood – When you move, you will be relocated in unfamiliar place, unfamiliar faces and unfamiliar walkthroughs. All of these can bring stress since you have to cope with new situation and meet new friends. In the case of moving into other country, you have to learn new languages and culture.
  • Moving can be lonely – On moving, you’ll be far from your friends and family. The usual things of your life that were part of your comfort zone will be changed. Friends and family will be far and contactable only through phone. Without their physical presence , some part of your life became blue.

How to cope with moving stress

  • Reduce stress with relaxation activities – On arriving in your new place, try brisk walking in nature parks nearby which is proven to ease stress and present more opportunity to meet new people. Spend time to make your favorite dish or visit a restaurant for your favorite food. Try relaxation meditation yoga wherein you’re just alone in a clean room. Plus, listen to relaxing music such as smooth jazz which was proven to improve mood.
  • Meet new and genuine people – Make friends from new neighborhood by reaching out and wearing an approachable body language and smile. When you smile you’ll become more approachable even without saying a word. When you wear an open body language such as by not crossing arms you’ll become more friendly and natural looking. On top of that, of course, socialize with positive people that can share you with good energy.
  • Take advantage of technology – Today, smartphones are becoming more advanced. With its android and windows powered apps such as whatsapp, line, viber and skype, you can reach your family, parents and far friends even from other side of the globe. Utilize video conferencing by using skype.
  • Be healthy and have a good sleep – Bad mood swings, depression and anxiety will be more intensified if you lack enough sleep and bad eating habits. If you have slept for just 1 or 2 hours, certainly you’ll be irritable and confused which all contributes to depression and stress.

Take a pet – Dogs and cats are great companions. Experts in psychotherapy and stress therapy have already proven the calming effects of pets to humans. If you have a dog and cat, take them to your favorite hangout place such as nature themed parks. What are the advantages of having pets? They don’t complain and are always loyal.