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Canada is a vast country and in fact the second largest country globally after Russian Federation. While it has a large territory, it has less population of about 35, 939, 000 as of 2015. It has 10 provinces consisting of Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Among these provinces British Columbia is third in terms of population ranking. The province has the mildest climate among the Canadian provinces and has the cities of Surrey, Vancouver and prince Rupert. Moving in British Columbia brings a lot of opportunity such as working opportunities. Moreover, learn more about what makes moving to British Columbia interesting by the facts below:

1. British Columbia has 1,030 parks and among them are Canadian Rockies which can show the milky way galaxy at night, whistler – a popular high terrain resort, Okanagan valley which has lush vineyard winery overlooking the spectacular view of lakes.

2. British Columbia is one of the North American territories that enjoy lower power cost because of its extensive hydroelectric dams, solar power plants and natural gas. It has extensive rivers and lakes to support such energy generation.

3. While the province has white majority of European origin, 20% of its minority population are of Asian origin namely Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese and North American Indians. On top of that, there are a significant population of Latin Americans, and Arab.

4. Its capital is Victoria named after the British Queen Victoria

5. Its area is 944,735km2 which is larger than most individual European and Asian countries.

6. Popular recreational activities in the province were canoeing, diving, golfing, kayaking, salt water and fresh water fishing, sailing, skiing, snowmobiling and paragliding.

7. Vancouver holds the largest community in the west and they hold the annual gay pride parade during August.

8. Its largest city Vancouver was named after George Vancouver, a British naval officer in Royal British Navy. He lived from 1757 until he died of unknown reasons on 1798 at the age 40.

9. For fauna and flora, BC has diverse animal and plant population. And because of its proximity to North Polar region it has four temperate climates – winter, summer, autumn and spring. Common animals are raccoons, coyotes, deer, elk, badger, moose, squirrel, beavers, muskrat etc. For plants, it has fig, birch, thistle, dandelion, magnolia, cherry and cedar.

10. Largest cities of British Columbia are:

· Vancouver

· Victoria

· Surrey

· Duncan

· Naniamo

· Parksville

· Prince George

· Prince Rupert

· Vernon

· Victoria

· West Kelowna

· Burnaby

· Castlegar

11. Vancouver has a lot of industries in tourism, real estate, oil and gas, hydroelectric generation, fishing and manufacturing to support employment thereby making the province a great place for career opportunities.