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Asking questions to clarify vague concepts and info about a service is the key to be informed. When you know your rights, processes and policies you’ll definitely get the best service and value from your hard-earned money. Below are some of the questions to ask when you hire a moving company:

What is your insurance coverage – Many moving companies have basic coverage per pound of the good. Although, they may cover such insurance, there are times that this might not be adequate because of increase in goods value. When there is a need for extra insurance, you can buy from a third-party that specializes in freight insurance.

Is the quote includes extra charges? – Some of the extra charges in moving include:

Fuel surcharges
Storage charge
Extra charges on accessibility difficulties such as door to 8th floor or elevator usage
Extra weight charges for heavy items (like pianos)
Place of delivery charges

Is your truck in good condition? – Ask the company and personally check if the moving has its truck well maintained. There is no reason to hire a moving service that have its truck maintenance forgotten into oblivion since it can cost you more in moving schedule delay and waste of time.

What payment methods do you accept? – More moving companies include many payment methods for their client’s convenience. Clarify if they accept check, paypal, payza, bank deposit or cash.

What are your coverage areas – Make it clear that your area is in within reach of the moving service otherwise, you might be paying extra fuel charges. Most movers include their area coverage in their website info.

What are your history? – Ask the company about their business practices and business history. On top of that, do some research about the company’s history online. Plus, ask them if they have made background checks on their moving staff and if their movers are from subcontractors.

Are you licensed mover? – In every moving industry, having a license is a good sign that company or contractor follows good business practices. The same with movers that takes their client’s moving needs seriously by taking a time to get license.

Do you measure moving entrances? – Make sure to ask them before moving if they measure pathways, stairways, aisle and doors. If your mover knows about these entrance measurements, accidental bumping and damage to fragile items can be avoided.

Do you have packing materials? – An availability of packing materials from movers can save you time and money. These packing materials can be boxes, packing papers, blister wrap, packing peanuts, packaging tapes, stretchable strap, markers, stretch wrap and fragile labels. Ask your mover if they supply such moving materials.