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To ensure a smooth move, you must ask the right questions when looking into cross-country moving services. This information helps you make informed decisions, and you won’t make any mistakes. 

If you want your next cross-country move to be a success, you must ask the following questions:

1. Is your company licensed?

Reputable cross-country movers will not hesitate to prove their credibility and will be proud of their services. They will gladly show you their licenses which is a standard procedure, and professional movers will not be offended if you ask for their licenses as proof. If the company tries to hide this information, consider it a red flag and look into other cross-country moving services. 

2. Can you provide me with all of the services I need?

Not all movers offer the same services, and you need to discuss your specific needs and requirements to determine whether or not they can be accommodated. A cross-country move can be quite complex, and many steps are involved, which is why you need to hire the right cross-country moving services. If you must pack fragile items, ensure the movers can handle this task. If you require storage services, ask. You must confirm whether or not the services offered will suit your needs.

3. Can you provide me with a quote?

Most reputable movers will provide clients with a free quote, which you need to ask about immediately. No matter your relocation needs, the cost is very important and discussing the details of your move and the services you require will allow the movers to provide you with a potential cost. Many factors will affect the price, including shipment weight, the move’s distance, seasonality and labour hours. Knowing the cost in advance will prevent you from having a negative experience. 

4. How and when do I pay for cross-country moving services?

Most movers will require some kind of deposit before the process is done, and full payment must be made once the move is complete. However, some movers may ask for full payment in advance or require payment in cash, which should be considered red flags. 

5. Can you guarantee your delivery dates?

Many professional movers will give you an estimate of the arrival dates to make up for the weather and other factors that may be out of their control. This means your shipment may be a few days late but should arrive within the specified time frame.

6. Do you offer tracking?

Many cross-country moving services come with shipment tracking to allow clients to get shipment updates. This information is very comforting, and you shouldn’t hesitate to ask. 

7. Is there a cancellation fee?

You never know what will come up, and there is always a possibility that you may have to cancel your move. You must be aware of the company’s cancellation policy to ensure you are prepared. Most moving companies will provide you with exact cancellation terms and fees. 

The experts at Purely Canadian Movers will always provide you with an enjoyable moving experience. We take the stress out of the equation and offer cross-country moving services in Coquitlam. Our movers are experienced, reputable and highly skilled, and you can always depend on our company. 

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